The Thailand climate is typically characterised by three seasons cool season, hot season and rainy season although the temperatures are generally stable, all year round.

A comfortable time to visit is in the cool season the Thailand climate around November to February is certainly not cool as we would call it in the northern hemisphere but she will find temperatures a lot easier to manage during this time.

The Thailand climate and weather is very welcoming, although you may find it less accessible during the rainy season when parts of eastern and central regions become prone to flooding.


Average temperature of 20° to 30°

(November to January)

34° (February to May)

(29° June to October)

average rainfall 150 mm (February to May)

1,500 mm (June to October)

average humidity 75% (February to May)

87% (June to October)

Best time to visit

November, December and January offer the best climatic conditions especially for travellers from cooler climates, this is peak season across the country and also coincides with all the major holidays in Europe and the US making it a very expensive time to visit.

Things start to get very hot from mid-February onwards with temperatures in excess of 35° near songkran festival in April. A good time to visit is in low season as it will be a lot less busy but this is during the wet months when humidity is high and heavy downpours are frequent flash floods are not uncommon but it’s not all rain and bad weather you still can find some very nice days although this is not guaranteed, if you come in low season be prepared for some rain.

Trips to highland areas in the north help tourists escape the heat of springtime. Meanwhile, in south-eastern Thailand there is slightly different weather patterns, where rainfall is lower than along the Andaman coast and the seasons slightly later.

For a full up-to-date picture of the Thailand climate and weather visit the Thai meteorological website