Travel Electric Wheelchairs

Using a travel electric wheelchair means that most wheelchair users can have a stress free comfortable holiday experience. 

When going on holiday. Most wheelchair users opt for a manual wheelchair, this is because they are usually lightweight and it won’t matter so much if the chair gets knocked about during travel. But to use a manual wheelchair whilst on holiday means having good upper body strength and for some people this is not an option. So the only way to get around and see as much as you can is by using a powered wheelchair or an electric wheelchair.

Travel electric wheelchairThe advantages to using a powered chair means that you can go further and cover more distance than you would in a manual wheelchair, also powered wheelchairs make it a lot easier to easily get over different surfaces and uneven ground, which is a definite advantage when traveling to somewhere a little off the tourist trail.

A good option to consider when you are thinking about traveling with a powered chair is choosing one that is lightweight. The best thing about using a travel powered wheelchair is that it can easily be detached from the motor and folded away into a small space, making it the compact choice for train travel, bus travel, car travel and of course in aeroplane journeys.

The heaviest part of a travel powered wheelchair tend to be between 60 and 80 pounds or 27 to 36 kilograms and generally are not made to carry large amounts of weight , be sure to read the safety guidelines of how much weight your powered wheelchair can take and do not exceed that amount. Remember to take into consideration how much the weight will be when you are loaded down with bags etc.

When shopping for a powered wheelchair you have different options to consider as there are many different varieties, power chairs have different functions like seat elevation, reclining, tilting forward or backwards, as well as different tyre options. Another thing to consider is the seat because the seat should be able to support the individual’s needs. Some seats are similar to those you would find in a car. Whereas in the case of a travel powered chair the seats would be quite simple.

The best wheelchairs to consider when using them for traveling purposes are as follows.

Rear wheeled powered wheelchair

This is the best for outdoor use. It’s good for uneven services and rugged terrain with the additional rear wheels to get you out of a tight spot easily and comfortably.

A powerbase electric wheelchair

The main advantage with this type of wheelchair is that they have a long battery life, but it would require the use of ramps and the use of larger transport as this type of wheelchair cannot be easily folded, although this type of wheelchair is great for both indoor and outdoor use, and also guarantees the user a comfortable ride.

Transportable electric wheelchair

As discussed earlier, the main advantage with these wheelchairs is that they are easily transported and lightweight. These types of chairs are particularly good for getting on and off of aeroplanes and for narrow doorways because of the chairs small size.

Always remember when traveling with an electric wheelchair to bring power adapters with you as the country you are traveling to may have a different electric voltage system to the one in your own country, you can even get some the recharge as you are using them.

There are many different types of wheelchairs available and technology is evolving all the time. Therefore when choosing a wheelchair. You should carefully research online to find the most suitable one for you. Also you can find many accessories to make your ride more comfortable, such as memory foam cushions.

With careful planning, you will find a powered wheelchair that is right for you and have the holiday experience of a lifetime. Choose your wheelchair wisely and it will last for years to come.

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