What’s The Best SIM With Prepaid Data In Thailand-And Where To Get It

Here is a guide to the best Sim card data Internet providers in Thailand. Most people buy a SIM card with data preloaded for use with a portable device such as an iPhone, iPad or tablet, but not all data providers are created equally.

best Sim with prepaid data for Thailand

Thai SIM card providers

1. AIS: One-2-call: The strongest all-round coverage.

2. True Move: A good choice in cities such as Bangkok although the sim card seems to lose coverage in more remote areas.

Although as of around June 2015 True Move say they have the most complete 3G and 4G coverage in Thailand and users of their network can get 1 hour of free internet every day.

3. DTAC: Some people say that data speeds are comparative with One-2-call, whilst others say it’s a SIM card to be avoided

All operators offer 3G and 4G service and monthly 3G data plans with unlimited EDGE speeds, priced between 650 – 899 Baht.

The best data provider in Thailand is One-2-call, the provider is AIS. It’s adequate for email, Google searches, Facebook etc.

If you plan to buy a SIM card in Thailand you can do so by getting one at Bangkok airport or any 7-Eleven convenience store or mobile phone shop.

The most cost-effective data package is One-2-call AIS Unlimited priced at 800 Baht. This will last for one month and is, as the name suggests unlimited.

Be sure to ask for a recurring package and make sure the package has been activated before you leave the shop. This is easy to do as you will instantly receive a text message telling you the pack has been activated.

Beware if you do not activate the package, you will burn through your credit within 24-hours.

For tourists coming for shorter periods than one month, this is still the most cost-effective and trouble-free way to get your internet data as you will find you will run out of data quickly and the cost will mount up on smaller packages.

For those planning on staying longer than one month, you will receive a text message from the mobile phone operator before your credit is about to expire. It’s easy to top up again by going into any 7-Eleven, AIS shop or telephone provider and asking for an 800 Baht top up, then you will be good to go for another month.

Note: if 7-Eleven don’t sell an 800 Baht top up voucher just buy three 300 Baht vouchers

A One-2-call AIS SIM card is also the best choice if you are planning on doing a lot of travel within Thailand as this SIM card seems to have the strongest signal, even in more remote areas.

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  • Hi, I can’t see a date on the article – is it up to date? When was it last updated? Many thanks for writing this article!

    • Yes the date can only be viewed when looking through the archives. It was in February 2014 and so far, the info is still relevant. If there are any major changes in the SIM world we will update the post.

    • This blog must be written by AIS!!! They are without a doubt the worst data provider in Thailand. If you want to pay 800 baht for 4.5gb a month at download speeds of 1mps or less these are the guys. Absolute rubbish!!!

  • My family and I are coming for about 1 month over December 2015 January 2016 and I’m wondering if we can use our phones from Australia in Thailand with the above recommended pre paid sim cards? I have an (old) G3 iPhone and my husband has an android.
    Thank you very much for your advice.

  • I am planning to come to Thailand for a week from India. I have few doubts. What will be the cost of SIM? Do we get any free talk time in the 800 bhat package? what is recurring package? Should we put any package apart from 800 bhat?

  • 800 baht certainly is NOT the most cost-effective package.

    I live in Thailand and currently use DTAC on their Happy Tourist Sim because 1. Coverage all over Thailand is fantastic. I’ve been everywhere and it has been brilliant 2. They are doing great deals. My current pattern is to do the 1GB 7 days for 99baht top up so that works out at 400 baht for a month for 4GB. It’s super fast too. I’ve yet to see anything that beats this deal.

    • Yes I agree with Richard above, paying 800thb is just nutty unless you intent to constantly stream video. Much cheaper plans out there. Keep googling people.

    • i use dtac costs me 100 baht to top up at 7 11 i turn off mobile data when I’m not using it it normally lasts me 9 days i get a text message when it’s running low good coverage all over Thailand never had a problem hope this helps you

      • with wifi everywhere, here in huahin anyway, i don’ t really need data. but the number is useful. can you just by the sim for incoming calls? i presume there’s no time limit on that..

  • My husband is at Thailand at present he wants to buy Thailand SIM card at present can anybody help him to buy it, is their is any service providers will provide him SIM card now……pl. Help me

  • I will travel Thailand particularly Phuket and Bangkok in the coming days for 10 days. I am bringing with my Huawei pocket wifi 4G. I use this pocket wifi anywhere I go to connect my 4 devices: smartphones, tablets and goPro. My question is, what is the best 4G data sim I can use for my pocket wifi and is it available in BKK airport? your timely response is highly appreciated.

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