Wheelchair accessible vehicles by Kenguru

Kenguru wheelchair friendly car interiorNo need to get a costly conversion made up - this American company have created a nifty, environmentally-friendly electric car for wheelchair users. Originally made in Hungary they were recently rescued from near-closure by Stacy Zoern, an American wheelchair user and are now assembled in the USA.

When you press the button on the key fob it automatically opens the rear door and the ramp lowers to allow wheelchair access. With the car's low slung body the ramp has a very slight incline, and with the grab-rails, boarding the car is very straight forward for most wheel chair users. Once inside, the interior is roomy, though only for the wheelchair user, so no passengers allowed. Steering is a bicycle style handlebar, though the company say they are working on a joystick version which they hope to make available soon.

Wheelchair accessible electric carThe battery power allows for a top speed of 30 mph (about 48 kmh) which is good enough for zipping about town, but with the battery charge lasting only 30 miles (48 kmh) longer journeys are really not possible. The overall style is city-chic and is a definite improvement on the old-fashioned mobility vehicles.

At $21,000  it is not a give away, though financial assistance may be available to you for adapted transport, dependent on which country you live in. At the moment it is not readily available everywhere but you can contact them through their websites if you wish to place an order for a Kenguru:




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